Handcrafted in Bologna, Italy

Capsule collections

We periodically release small limited-edition capsule collections, not linked to seasonality but to the availability of materials, which when they are out of stock are no longer reproducible.

Local manufacture

We decided to use local manufacturers 
to avoid long-distance trips that 
can have a huge impact on the environment. 

Italian fabrics

We use only Italian fabrics coming from the overproduction of the textile industry.

Featured Collection


Atp Mobile Series

The all-new line is dedicated to the digital nomads. We further strengthen our concept of utilizing every possible inch of material in order to cut even more the waste created by the textile industry. We've created smaller, practical, fun objects for people on the go.


ATPCAL ( a-typ-i-cal ) researches and transforms new fabrics and linings sourced from the excess of Italian textile manufacturing. Each material is selected, checked and then paired to create unique and creative combinations.

Sustainability, nonstop research and charisma, because no new fabrics are produced, so precious resources are not exploited and the extreme variety of fabrics, design timeless silhouettes with modern functionality. Consciousness, passion and experimenting are the fundaments of the brand.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs